If you are buying or selling a property, we can help you!

Fixed fee pricing

Our extensive experience, together with our fixed fee pricing for conveyancing matters, means that we can guide you through the process from start to finish, without you having to stress over paperwork or costs!  From the moment you are given the contract right through to when the champagne cork pops on settlement, we’re there for you. 

How we help home owners

Every day we help homeowners and prospective home owners realise their dreams and we do it in a way that’s clear and efficient, and provides peace of mind.

We are also able to complete conveyancing matters online using the PEXA e-conveyancing system.  This means greater certainty, less paperwork and a smooth and seamless transaction for you.

We’ve assisted a number of home owners with both the purchase and sale of their homes.  Recently, a home owner client sent these kind words to one of our valued referrers:

Sarah Stoddart did all our conveyancing, both the buy and the sell, she was really great, kept us always up-to-date about the process, answered all questions, great attention to detail, so it was an absolute pleasure to work with her, so THANK YOU for recommending her to us.

We’ve even got some helpful practical checklists to make sure that homeowners don’t miss any important steps on along the way!

Property transfers arising from relationship breakdowns

We also help with property transfers arising out of relationship breakdowns.  

Whether you’re getting a property or getting rid of a property, we will work with you and your family lawyer to make sure the transfer is completed smoothly and as quickly as possible so that you can be one step closer to finalising your journey and starting your new life.  And we do it all for a fixed fee! 

More information

We are proud to offer webinars, blog articles and other resources to home owners and potential home owners to provide more information about the home buying process including: