We’re passionate about providing knowledge and ongoing education to the healthcare industry.  

Although most of our resources are provided for pharmacists, other industry professionals have found our resources of great benefit.  Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received about our webinars:

Very informative! I’ve been involved in financing pharmacists into pharmacies for 20+ years now and found your session very interesting and I picked up a few new things too.  It should be a mandatory session for all first time pharmacy buyers ( and maybe second and third time buyers too!!).

Thank you so much for your time and sharing your valuable information.  For what is generally a dry topic, you really made it interesting and I loved how methodical you were about the process.  I wish I had you when I bought my first pharmacy!

Check out the links below for our most recent webinars and podcasts.  We also have a range of products available for purchase in our shop including a Pharmacy Kickstarter Kit and other template documents to use on your pharmacy ownership journey.  


 We are pleased to offer the following resources for purchase:

Pharmacy Kickstarter Kit 

The perfect toolkit for pharmacists looking to embark on their pharmacy ownership journey.  

You’ll walk away with a template offer to purchase, template employment contract, e-book about the pharmacy ownership journey, a link to our webinar and a purchase checklist to make sure you have everything covered.  This toolkit will save you time and give you the knowledge you need to make your next offer with confidence.  Purchase your toolkit here.

Template Offer to Purchase  

We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a template offer to purchase document to use when making your next offer to purchase a pharmacy business!  You can purchase the template here.

Template Employment Contract 

The relationship between employer and employee is an important one that needs to be documented correctly.  We’ve put together a template employment contract for you to use when next offering employment to an employee of your business.  You can purchase the template here.

Pharmacy Purchase Checklist 

Not sure what needs to be done for your next pharmacy purchase?  We’ve put together a checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten!  You can purchase the checklist here.

Rule 136 (Large Medical Centre) Kit

This kit provides you with the template statutory declarations, fitout letter and doctors roster that you’ll need to support your application under Rule 136 of the Pharmacy Location Rules.  You can purchase the kit here

Courage and Confidence (Book) 

An inspirational business book about what it really takes to succeed in business, co-authored by 24 Australian women in business, including Sarah Stoddart.  Please click here to purchase your signed copy. 


ReInvented Legal Business - The Case Studies - Vitality Law Australia

In this webinar, you will hear from Sarah Stoddart and Michele Davis about how VLA was born from a desire to do law differently and to achieve true work life integration.  This webinar is part of an ongoing series of celebrating innovative and new law firms by the Centre for Legal Innovation at the College of Law Limited.

Courage and Confidence Launch Festival - Author Masterclass - Having the Confidence to Pivot

This masterclass was part of the online festival to launch Sarah’s co-authored book, Courage and Confidence.  In this masterclass, you will learn from Sarah Stoddart about how to have the confidence to pivot in business.  If you’d like to purchase a copy of the book, please contact Sarah directly.

The Fundamentals of the Pharmacy Location Rules

In this webinar, you will learn from Sarah Stoddart about how to navigate the general requirements of the Pharmacy Location Rules.

Buying a Pharmacy - What You Need to Know

In this webinar, you will learn from Sarah Stoddart about the process of buying a pharmacy and the tips and tricks that you need to know to ensure a smooth buying process.

How to Deal with Bullying in the Pharmacy Workplace

In this webinar, you will learn from Sarah Stoddart and experienced psychologist, Elizabeth White, about how to deal with bullying in the pharmacy workplace.

So You Want to Buy a Home?

In this webinar, you will learn from Sarah Stoddart about the process of buying a residential property and what you can do to make the process as stress-free as possible.

How to manage your employees when selling your business

In this webinar, you will learn from Sarah Stoddart about how to manage your employees when selling your business including how to manage the interaction between the law, the sale contract and the employment contracts


Elevate My Career Series Episode 2

On this episode, Sarah is part of a panel discussion with Rhonda White, Bridget Totterman and Natalie Sirianni about pharmacy ownership and tips for prospective owners.

The Boutique Lawyer Show by Lawyers Weekly

On this episode of The Boutique Lawyer Show, Sarah discusses how her health diagnosis informed her approach with clients, how she has navigated the virtual nature of client service delivery and the biggest lessons for engagement. 

Pharmacy View Podcast Episode 7

Sarah provides insight into sales transactions, law and technology in the pharmacy business.

Pharmacy View Podcast Episode 18

Sarah discusses how social media and technology interact with employment law.

Speaking Pharmacy Podcast Season 2, Episode 3

Sarah discusses the tips and tricks to protect yourself when purchasing a pharmacy (Part 1 of 2 part series)

Speaking Pharmacy Podcast Season 1, Episode 5

Sarah discusses pharmacy negotiations and partnership structures (Part 2 of 2 part series)


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