Pharmacy businesses are unlike any other businesses.  They involve complex layers of regulation at both State and Federal level, and involve processes and equipment which simply doesn’t exist in any other business.  That’s why when you are picking a law firm to assist with your next pharmacy transaction or pharmacy approval matter, you need to pick a law firm that knows your business.

Our director, Sarah Stoddart, has been working with pharmacy businesses for over 11 years.  We know how a pharmacy business operates, the approvals it needs and how to get those approvals.

Our knowledge of the pharmacy regulatory environment is extensive.  But don’t just take our word for it – see what a few of our clients have had to say about our knowledge, experience and service with pharmacy approval matters:

Sarah provides pharmacy advice and a wide range of legal services to our large pharmacy group.  Sarah possesses extensive expertise within the pharmacy industry and exceptional customer service skills.  She always has her client’s best interests in mind.”

“The trusting partnership we have built with Sarah over the years gives me tremendous confidence when she takes care of our work.   With Sarah’s support, we have completed multiple complex, pharmacy projects which has significantly improved our market presence and lifted our national brand.  I highly recommend Sarah to those who need legal support and advice.”

“Sarah Stoddart carries a wealth of knowledge and expertise beyond her years.  Sarah is incredibly easy to work with and will go out of her way to ensure the matter is resolved quickly and favourably.  I highly recommend Sarah, particularly for any matters involving the Pharmacy Location Rules.  I owe much of my current position to her hard work and determination over the last several years.”

How we can help

We can assist you with the pharmacy approval matters including:

  • applications to the Australian Pharmacy Community Authority in accordance with the Pharmacy Location Rules including applications for a new pharmacy and applications for relocation of an existing pharmacy business;
  • objections to applications lodged with the Australian Community Pharmacy Authority;
  • applications to the Minister for Health for exercise of ministerial discretion;
  • change of ownership applications;
  • change of name applications;
  • expansion and contraction applications;
  • applications for deactivation of an existing approval number;
  • applications to State regulators such as Queensland Health, Pharmacy Council of New South Wales, Victorian Pharmacy Authority, Pharmacy Registration Board of Western Australia and the Tasmanian Pharmacy Authority.

Call or email us today to have a confidential discussion about how we can assist you with your pharmacy approval!  We look forward to hearing from you.